the days of COVID-19….

Well, these are historic times in which we live today.  Every day is breaking new ground.  The world is fighting the coronavirus and so are we in the US, here in North Carolina.

Not safe to be in crowds, but I have a lot of stuff to move by myself, from storage to my home in Spencer, near North Rowan High School.  All I need is some motivation.  Got any? LOL

Great weather, almost too hot today, near 82 degrees, it’s predicted.  Headed out around 2pm to my storage units to get some stuff, shelving units, etc.  If it’s too hot, I can always fill the van and wait until this evening to take it over to Spencer house.

Today is Friday, March 20th, 2020.

Soon, I’ll be staying over at house to arrange all the stuff that I’ve taken over there.  Stuff everywhere!  Getting crowded ’cause nothing’s arranged.  Going to need to assemble several metal shelving units.  Tedious work.  And these days, I have to wear glasses to see up close.  That’s a recent development, but I’m approaching 70, so I shouldn’t complain, though I could. LOL

Been putting off a few things, as I’m not relishing the possible confrontation of them.  There may be NO confrontation, but there is the reasonable possibility so that adds to my procrastination.

I did get in touch with old musical acquaintance, Jimm Mosher of Hit Music, Inc., a Spencer, NC recording studio and music conservatory (his wife Katie).  They’re a great addition to the area.  I believe Jimm came to Spencer in the early 1990s.  Friendly fella, talented musician, primarily drums, but plays keyboards, too and who knows what else.  World-class producer, audio engineer, et cetera.

Always On Sunday

Well, I got away from posting, so here I am giving it another try.

Going over to Spencer house in morning (Monday, March 9th) with a van full of stuff from storage 10x20s.
Plan on taking lots of pictures for my solar contractors (south and southwest roof) and am going into attic for pics of supports and see how much insulation is up there.

Must not be much since last year’s gas heating bill was $350+! Wow, I’m not paying that (got that info from my last month’s gas bill – it was $58). Thinking of switching to ductless mini-split or micathermic space heaters. Either way, going to have to ramp up insulation situation in house.

Also, going to swap out new AC (LG) wall/window units, beginning in living room, in a few weeks. Tomorrow, if I feel ambitious, may remove one in living room and close window, to help with gas bill until spring arrives. Lots of cold overnight temps ahead, though, ’til spring/warmer weather.

On another vein of interest, I’m going to VA for eye exam March 16th, 2020, to get some prescription reading glasses. To better explain, I’m laying in front of laptop and have to use the bifocal part of glasses to read and that means that I have to tilt my head up quite a bit. A pair of glasses with only one prescription should make this “tilting” experience better! Hmmm….wonder if that is helping get rid of my turkey neck. LOL I’m referring to what happens to your neck when you grow old. If I want to guess someone’s age, I pay attention to their neck. Sometimes, some one has a younger looking face but their neck gives them away. 🙂

Back to my previous train of discussion, I just read in Sunday Salisbury Post edition that the VA is screening for COVID-19/coronavirus. That ought to be an interesting experience getting on the compound. Think that I’ll call ahead and ask some questions before I go over.

Sunday morning comin’ down?

Homage to Kris Kristofferson’s country tune. Haven’t had one of those in about 26 years, this April 18th (1994).

Got a text in the past 24 hours from my realtor agent that “did” my house closing in Spencer, Mechelle Kuld, to see how it was going. Moving in slowly, I responded. None better than Mechelle in the realtor world. I have had others with which to compare and she’s as good as it gets. Brought me cupcakes to first house showing!

(the cupcakes were from Sugar Fairy in Spencer, Jacqui Watson’s place – Jacqui’s a computer client of mine – put an SSD hard drive in her laptop – highly recommend those with little patience to upgrade to SSD – solid state drive – WORLD of difference).

Saturday Yawn; 22FEB2020

Rested and up at 2am to head over to house and check mail/delivery at Spencer house. Was over there at 12:45pm Friday to accept UPS delivery of four window AC LG units to replace all, old current window units. Will install one or more over weekend, or at the very least, remove the old one from front living room (easiest access from front porch) and shut up that polar hole. Previous occupants had some exorbitant gas bills the previous year.

Not sure if I’ll keep making this blog so personal in the future, but I can always DELETE, huh? 🙂

Greetings, Earthlings!

Assuming y’all ARE from this planet – if not, may I compliment you on your clever disguises!

This is my first blog entry, 21FEB2020, 7am ET, FRIDAY morning;

Receiving shipment of wall AC units for house in Spencer today. Any one want the older ones, email me – or call 980-643-00-FOUR-THREE

It appears that a lot of snow fell yesterday, but not cold enough to remain. Clear roads, should be.