Saturday Yawn; 22FEB2020

Rested and up at 2am to head over to house and check mail/delivery at Spencer house. Was over there at 12:45pm Friday to accept UPS delivery of four window AC LG units to replace all, old current window units. Will install one or more over weekend, or at the very least, remove the old one from front living room (easiest access from front porch) and shut up that polar hole. Previous occupants had some exorbitant gas bills the previous year.

Not sure if I’ll keep making this blog so personal in the future, but I can always DELETE, huh? 🙂

One thought on “Saturday Yawn; 22FEB2020”

  1. Making a comment from the user’s point of view, to see what happens. This website was down yesterday and didn’t check back until 5:30am Sunday morning. Seems the WPEasy software is easy enough to use but there was some instability in NameCheap’s system. Took them many hours to fix, not sure how long. Have also swapped out 250Gb PCIe SSD hard drive for 1Tb and don’t have all my data retrieveable on this laptop now! TMI (too much info)?

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