Always On Sunday

Well, I got away from posting, so here I am giving it another try.

Going over to Spencer house in morning (Monday, March 9th) with a van full of stuff from storage 10x20s.
Plan on taking lots of pictures for my solar contractors (south and southwest roof) and am going into attic for pics of supports and see how much insulation is up there.

Must not be much since last year’s gas heating bill was $350+! Wow, I’m not paying that (got that info from my last month’s gas bill – it was $58). Thinking of switching to ductless mini-split or micathermic space heaters. Either way, going to have to ramp up insulation situation in house.

Also, going to swap out new AC (LG) wall/window units, beginning in living room, in a few weeks. Tomorrow, if I feel ambitious, may remove one in living room and close window, to help with gas bill until spring arrives. Lots of cold overnight temps ahead, though, ’til spring/warmer weather.

On another vein of interest, I’m going to VA for eye exam March 16th, 2020, to get some prescription reading glasses. To better explain, I’m laying in front of laptop and have to use the bifocal part of glasses to read and that means that I have to tilt my head up quite a bit. A pair of glasses with only one prescription should make this “tilting” experience better! Hmmm….wonder if that is helping get rid of my turkey neck. LOL I’m referring to what happens to your neck when you grow old. If I want to guess someone’s age, I pay attention to their neck. Sometimes, some one has a younger looking face but their neck gives them away. 🙂

Back to my previous train of discussion, I just read in Sunday Salisbury Post edition that the VA is screening for COVID-19/coronavirus. That ought to be an interesting experience getting on the compound. Think that I’ll call ahead and ask some questions before I go over.

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