July 25th, shorter days, cooler temps 2020

I wrote this as an outside user would, in an effort to be more prolific, and am pasting into the blog as admin.  Last comment was a month ago and before that, three months! lol  So, I’m improving.  Not daily, but monthly, and soon maybe weekly and who knows, one day, daily!  Well, I can dream, can’t I? 🙂

It’s July 25th and the days start to get cooler, bit by bit, since the days are getting shorter, now that we’ve passed the longest days time of the year. Sunsets are earlier and sunrises later.

I think so, that is. LOL

I finally installed a new digital recording program/app on my main laptop (1Tb PCIe; 32Gb RAM), Presonus Studio One 4, which I bought several months ago. I also learned that I can’t use VST plug-ins until I upgrade to the Professional (I have the Artist version) for another $300. Won’t do that until Christmas time, probably, when I have the full infrastructure set up (recording desk, etc.).

Before the recording desk, here at Mary’s, I’ll set up a 32″ external monitor.  This 14″ laptop screen is NOT sufficient. 🙂

As far as the pandemic goes (COVID-19), we have no federal plan to help organize and manage the pandemic well, thanks to a lack of leadership from the Trump administration, and SO, we are faced with reversing some of the “loosening” of restrictions and are going backwards, so to say.  More and more people are becoming amenable to wearing face masks, as they discover the reality of the situation.  Lots of disenchanted folks around.

I’m trying to organize a jam session August 9th, at a musician’s home on Mt. Hope Church Rd near Faith, NC.  3 guitarists, me on keyboards, bassist, drummer, two singers (guitarist and me).  We’ll see how that goes, or IF it goes.  The home where we’ll jam has a full basement and not crowded, so we consider it adequate space.

Since I do better with deadlines, and I need to install a window AC in the living room, I’m shooting for tomorrow, Sunday, July 26th.  It will be the easiest to do since there is a front porch outside the front living room window.  We’ll see if I make it over early in the morning, 7am-ish.  At least, I should be able to get the old unit OUT, if nothing more, and that will make it easier to install one of the four new units that are sitting in one of the bedrooms.

Well, didn’t make it over Sunday morning to “mess” with AC living room unit, so trying again Monday…..we’ll see.  (a little after midnight Sunday)

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